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"I have never experienced the calmness that I feel during and after an acupuncture session. It is something I look forward to each week!”


“I had been told that my eggs weren’t good enough to conceive a child. Such harsh words to hear! After working with Julie for 8 months, I am thrilled to say that I am 13 weeks pregnant and looking great!”


“Chinese medicine has changed my life. I used to get nervous each month, because the pain I experienced with cramps was so strong I would have to call in sick at work.. After just 3 months, I barely have any pain during my cycle.” 


“I used to get so anxious that I would go into a panic attack at the least bit of stress. After changing my eating habits and working with herbs and acupuncture, I haven’t had a panic attack in 6 weeks. I now have the confidence and quality of life I have been looking for!” 


“Western medicine had only strong medications to offer with my depression. I often felt so numb from the meds that I was becoming even more depressed. Chinese medicine allowed me to work from a natural place, without having any side effects. Now I feel more in control of my emotions, and am getting more out of my therapy sessions with my psychotherapist.” 


“I was told that knee replacement surgery was in my future….but I didn’t want it. I turned to acupuncture to see if it could help with the pain. After 6 sessions, I was able to go back to exercising!! Now, I just come in every few weeks for maintenance and to support the rest of my system. “ 


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